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A THEATRE director has revealed how he beat soaring London house prices to purchase a flat along with his brother. Simon Kane, 27, from London, thought that proudly owning his own house within the capital metropolis would only ever be a pipe dream. And it’s no marvel when single first-time patrons now face saving for over a decade for the deposit for their very own residence. But moderately than taking a solo flight from the nest, Simon brought his brother Andrew, 31, together with him.

This week in our My First Dwelling series, we speak to Simon about how he managed to save lots of for his flat and what it is really like living with your brother. Where do you reside and the way a lot did it price you? We moved into our two-mattress flat in a new growth in Barking, London in June this 12 months.

We purchased it for £317,000 and put down a £65,000 deposit - so 20 per cent. When did you decide that you simply have been going to buy a home collectively? I’d been dwelling with my partner, however once we cut up in 2015 I couldn’t afford to rent somewhere by myself so I moved back in with my dad and mom. Obviously, I did pay them rent, nevertheless it was lower than what I’d have been paying a landlord, so I used to be able to place some money aside. My original plan was to remain there until I bought back on my toes because it is kind of restrictive being in your mid-twenties and living together with your dad and mom in zone 5 in London.

However after chatting to my brother, we realised it could be higher attempting to own our own place so we weren’t lining the pockets of another person. I additionally know what it’s like residing with Andrew as a result of we grew up collectively and had each been dwelling together at residence so it wasn’t a danger. Are you a primary-time buyer who need to share recommendations on how you did it?

How did you save for a deposit? I am a freelance theatre director so how a lot I earn can fluctuate. Some months it may very well be greater than £1,000, others it can be nothing. It simply depends, so I put aside what I might. Andrew has a more constant income. Over the past 12 years, he has put cash aside in a savings account.

This, mixed with my financial savings, meant that between the two of us we have been just about in a position to scrape collectively enough for a deposit. Have you thought of what’s going to happen when one among you needs to move out? We don’t see it as an issue as we know that we won’t dwell collectively ceaselessly. Depending on the scenario, one in every of us will buy the opposite one out and have the 2-bed to ourself or get a lodger or promote. Why did you choose Barking?

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Barking as an space is presently within the process of being regenerated, so you will get rather a lot to your cash right here - but it’s so well linked and there are still lots of issues to do. Once we were wanting it appeared like the right space. Our flat can also be 10 minutes from the station, which is vital for me as I work in different areas throughout London.

It simply turned out that it was probably the most inexpensive and convenient place. Did you get any help with buying the property? We looked at a few properties, but after seeing the show dwelling for this development we may actually see ourselves dwelling here. There was additionally an amazing scheme for first-time consumers.

The builders, Weston Homes, allow first-time consumers to put down a £500 protected reservation charge on the plot before it was built. That meant that if there are any problems with getting the mortgage signed off later on and we’d now not be ready to purchase the flat, we might get the charge back. Was it simple getting a mortgage? Getting a mortgage for us was a huge concern because of me being self-employed, and we were never going to be eligible based on Andrew’s revenue alone. A number of mortgage providers don’t really touch people who find themselves self-employed until they are earning masses. We originally applied for a mortgage with TSB because it supplied the very best deal.

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